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Taxi Alcudia - Transfers to Alcudia from Palma Airport

How to get to Alcudia?

Alcudia is located in the northern part of Mallorca, 40 minutes from Palma and 50 minutes from the airport and port.

The best way to get to Alcudia from anywhere else on the island is by car, as public transport can take several hours and frequencies are somewhat limited throughout the island.

In the case of groups, renting a transfer or minibus to Alcudia is the smartest option if you want to reduce complications and move more comfortably from anywhere on the island.

Also, when you`re on holiday, getting off the plane or boat and having to queue for a taxi is something no one wants.

Book a private taxi from Palma de Mallorca airport to Alcudia

With Taxi Tour Mallorca you have the possibility to go from the airport or the port of Palma to Alcudia without having to make the long taxi queues or long and heavy journeys in public transport.

Book until the last minute with us directly on our website and do not worry about delays of your flight. Our private drivers will pick you up on arrival and take you to Alcudia on a pleasant journey.

Book your transfer or mini bus for groups or a taxi for up to 4 people. By booking now you can include the transport of your bicycle for only 3€.

Transport from Alcudia to Palma

In addition, if you need a taxi to get from Alcudia to Palma or anywhere else, whether to Palma de Mallorca airport or the port, you can also book it right here so that we can pick you up where you tell us to.

Taxi Tour Mallorca, your private transport service to and from Alcudia.

Price taxi Palma - Alcudia

How much is a taxi from Palma to Alcudia? This is one of the first questions asked by tourists who want to get to Alcudia from Palma. Although the price of this journey may vary depending on the area in which you need to be picked up, these are the prices of our taxis from the port or airport of Palma to Alcudia:

Taxi Palma Airport – Alcudia

  • Taxi 1-4 pax: 78€
  • Minibus 5-6 pax: 102€
  • Minibus 7-8 pax: 107€
  • Minibus 9-10 pax: 122€
  • Minibus 11-12 pax: 127€

Taxi Port of Palma - Alcudia

  • Taxi 1-4 pax: 88€
  • Minibus 5-6 pax: 112€
  • Minibus 7-8 pax: 117€
  • Minibus 9-10 pax: 132€
  • Minibus 11-12 pax: 137€

Visit the historic city of Alcudia and discover the Mallorcan traditions

Alcudia is a city and municipality of about 20,000 inhabitants, located in the northern part of Mallorca, 45 minutes from Palma airport and the port, which includes the population centres of Playa de Alcudia,  Puerto de Alcudia, Mal Pas - Bonaire, Marina Manresa and Son Fe.

It`s a beautiful town that offers cultural events and attractions throughout the year, where you can discover part of the Mallorcan tradition.

The small and narrow streets of Alcudia are the testimony of the traces left by the Arab conquerors. Its historic centre, surrounded by the only completely preserved wall of Mallorca, has been restored without losing its charm and has become a large pedestrian area through which you can walk around the city.

The Roman city of Pollentia, the most important archaeological site of the island in Roman times and the only one that can be visited on the island, is very close to the wall. If you are interested in Roman history, you will be interested to know that every Wednesday from 10:00 to 12:00 there is a free guided tour from the church.

The historic centre is home to a wide variety of restaurants, cafés with beautiful patios, craft shops and Mallorcan specialty shops. In addition, you can see the large manor houses where the nobles and important people lived. Its history can be breathed everywhere, as a large number of historic buildings and castles were spread throughout the town. A great example is the Porta del Moll, also known as the Porta de Xara. In ancient times, this gateway was the access to the walled city.

It is made up of two towers and is in very good condition, still retaining the original mechanism of descent.

Alcudia has become one of the most important towns on the island and very lively. In summer, the old town is transformed into an open-air concert or theatrical performance, its history being the central theme.

But not everything is history, nature is also present in this municipality. The Natural Reserve of l`Albufereta, a permanent wetland area in which there are two ponds and several canals, a very important territory for birdlife.

And it also has a beach! White sandy beaches and crystal clear waters run along the coast of the town of Alcudia, many of them have a large pine forest where you can eat or relax.

Tuesdays and Sundays are market days in Alcudia. A small open-air fair, where you can find everything from local food products, vegetables and fruits, to bags, clothes, shoes,...

In this charming village we can find hotels as unique as Alcudia Petit Hotel, a small urban hotel of 9 rooms with fresh and modern style, built in a house of great antiquity.

Day or night, it is advisable to get lost in Alcudia, walk through its streets and alleys and enjoy this magnificent town of Mallorca.

With Taxitourmallorca you have the possibility to go from the airport or the port to Alcudia without having to make the long taxi queue. Book until the last minute with us directly on our website and don`t worry about your flight delays. Book your transfer or mini bus for groups or a taxi for up to 4 people. Booking now you can include the transport of your bike for only 3€. Taxitourmallorca, your private transport service in Mallorca to any place on the island.

More info about Alcudia:

Majorca is an island of astonishing beauty, located in a Mediterranean environment plentiful in sandy beaches, rocky shores and pristine wilderness, as well as known worldwide for its interesting cultural, architectonic and historic values. Nowadays, Majorca, or Mallorca as originally written in Mallorquí dialect and officially named by the Spanish government, is one of the topmost world destinations for tourism, relaxation and night life, gathering within the island millions of visitors along each year who are seeking the gentle sunshine, the good food based in healthy sea products that can be tasted in Alcudia and other towns, traditional confectionery like the sought after moist and sweet ensaimadas covered with icing, the calm coves scattered in the coast lines kept in secret by locals and an endless list of reasons that make this place an unique destination.

Our company, based in the island, grants transportation and transfer services with a variety of vehicles. All taxi, bus and minibus options are available for you. If you need a pick up at the airport of Son San Juan, the International Airport of Majorca, and get to any point in the island, we provide a cheap and reliable service. This implicitly includes the transfer Alcudia. Alcudia is a municipality located in the northermost part of Majorca, and currently, most renowned hostelry services are found there. If you have ever talked to anybody who had previously visited the area, you have probably already heard the name of some of the famous hotel complexes where you could stay. These include, but are not limited to, Viva Hotels and Iberostar.

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While Viva Blue and Viva Zafiro are among the most beautiful tourist destinations, Mallorca offers a wide range of interesting buildings, night shows, music festivals and traditional markets. We are proud to let our customers know that we have the best touring services both in Alcudia and the rest of the island, known as Taxi Tour Mallorca, the lucky passenger will have the chance to get a grasp of the whole scene in just some hours. A magnificent option with those travelling on a budget or with time scarcity.

Readers that might not be interested in vacational resorts like Viva Blue or Viva Zafiro, but more stirred action like the Thomas Cook Iron Man challenge that takes place in Alcudia, will be happy to know that bikes and associated equipment is allowed and we have enabled specific luggage storage to do so.

Whether you are relaxing for some days in some of the island top notch hotels, traveling around learning about our food and culture, partying in the night and having fun in the ubiquitous clubs or just taking part in any of the international competitions held in Alcudia, rest assured that our transportation and transfer services are the best you could find.