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Taxi Andratx - Transfers to Andratx from Palma de Mallorca Airport or Port

How to get to Andratx?

Andratx is located in the southwestern part of Mallorca, 35 minutes from Palma de Mallorca Airport and 25 minutes from the Port.

The best way to get to Andratx from the airport is by car. In the case of groups, renting a transfer or minibus from the airport to Andratx is the smartest option if you want to reduce complications and get around more comfortably.

Also, when you`re on vacation, getting off the plane or boat and having to stand in long lines to get a taxi is something no one wants.

Book a private taxi from Palma de Mallorca airport to Andratx

With Taxi Tour Mallorca you have the possibility to go from the airport or the port of Palma to Andratx without having to make the long taxi queues or long and heavy journeys on public transport.

Book until the last minute directly on our website and do not worry about flight delays. Our private drivers will pick you up on arrival and take you to Andratx on a pleasant journey.

Book now your transfer or mini bus for groups or a taxi for up to 4 people to Andratx.

Transfers from Andratx to Palma Airport and port

Also, if what you need is a taxi to go from Andratx to Palma de Mallorca airport or to the port, you can also book it right here so that we can pick you up where you indicate us.

Price taxi Palma - Andratx

How much is a taxi from Palma to Andratx? This is one of the first questions asked by tourists who want to get to Andratx from Palma. Although the price of this journey may vary depending on the area in which you need to be picked up, these are the prices of our taxis from the port or airport of Palma to Andratx:

Taxi Palma Airport – Andratx

  • Taxi 1-4 pax: 63€
  • Minibus 5-6 pax: 83€
  • Minibus 7-8 pax: 88€
  • Minibus 9-10 pax: 103€
  • Minibus 11-12 pax: 108€

Taxi Port of Palma – Andratx

  • Taxi 1-4 pax: 53€
  • Minibus 5-6 pax: 73€
  • Minibus 7-8 pax: 78€
  • Minibus 9-10 pax: 93€
  • Minibus 11-12 pax: 98€

Discover the beauty of Andratx

Andratx is a municipality in Mallorca that belongs to the region of the Serra de Tramuntana, and is one of the towns on the island with the highest percentage of foreign residents.

One of its main attractions is its art galleries, since being in a privileged and special enclave has served many artists to be inspired for their works, thus attracting national celebrities.

Like the vast majority of Mallorca`s towns, its streets are narrow and narrow, with a great cultural heritage on every corner. In addition, we can find a large number of luxury homes and fincas.

Visitors arriving in Andratx can delight in its location, as strolling through its streets you can see mountains, valleys, forest and coast, everything you need for a relaxing holiday in Mallorca.

Every Wednesday the Andratx market takes place, a traditional market where you can find plenty of fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables, as well as local cuisine, handicrafts, clay products,... Or if you like the colors and smells, on 30 and 31 October, in its streets we can see the great spectacle of the Flower Market.

Its popular heritage is also very important, with the festivities of Sant Antoni, the municipality lives this festival with popular bonfires in mid-January.

Hiking enthusiasts have it easy in this town. There are many routes known for their mountains, but the climb up to Puig de Garrafa is sensational. The views that this excursion leaves us are marvellous, since reaching 460 km of altitude allows us to contemplate the sea and the mountains. The tour lasts about 3 hours.

Boredom is not allowed in Andratx, and is that in the wineries Santa Catarina on Wednesdays is a wine tasting, where you can also have a picnic in their vineyards, a perfect plan for lovers looking for intimacy and romance.

In this municipality we find Sa Dragonera, an island protected as a natural area with the category of Natural Park and can be accessed by sea.

Andratx is the perfect place for families, where you can find a lot of activities that can also be done with children. It is a purely Mallorcan municipality, as is its offer, although it should not be missed. It`s not a resort, but you can also go shopping, have dinner at various places or go to bars. It is a rural and very traditional community.

It is a must if you visit the island, and so much so that taxitourmallorca can bring you there to visit its culture. Taxitourmallorca is a private transport company, which will make getting around much easier. All you have to do is book the date and time and we`ll take care of the rest. We transport you to this place from the port or airport by taxi or minibus. We`re waiting to take you to Andratx!